Tandy UK Catalogues

The start of a collection of Tandy UK catalogues. This is work in progress, see the forum discussion here. The current Tandy UK website is www.tandyonline.com and their trademark is acknowledged.

3 files available. Click a row in the table below to download the file. You may download up to 10 different files in a 15 minute period.

If you have anything to add please email paul (at) vintage-radio (dot) info.

TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
Tandy UK 1982-83 CatalogueScanned and supplied by forum member Superscope pdf file icon85.7 MB
Tandy UK 1991-92 CatalogueSupplied by forum member radioman, scanned by Paul Stenning pdf file icon49.6 MB
Tandy UK 1992-93 Parts and Accessories CatalogueScanned and supplied by forum member radioman pdf file icon13.0 MB