Vintage Radio Leaflets and Instructions

This new secton contains a selection of sales leaflets and instruction manuals for vintage radios and related equipment.

8 files available. Click a row in the table below to download the file. You may download up to 10 different files in a 15 minute period.

If you have anything to add please email paul (at) vintage-radio (dot) info.

TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
Cossor Melody Maker Assembly InstructionsDate unknown, early 1930s? pdf file icon68.2 MB
Ferguson 379RG InstructionsAM/FM Auto Radio-Gramophone pdf file icon791 KB
Marconi Televisions 1938-396 page advertisment/information pdf file icon14.3 MB
Marconiphone 260 Radio Sales LeafletSupplied by Colin Doman zip file icon1.5 MB
Marconiphone HP Agreement4 page agreement dating from the 1930s pdf file icon203 KB
Peto Scott S51 and H52 Instructions5 Valve AC Superhet Receivers pdf file icon373 KB
Philips 832 Radio Sales LeafletSupplied by Colin Doman zip file icon2.7 MB
Pye P2000T Car Radio Instruction ManualSupplied by Tony C pdf file icon498 KB