Electronics in Action Magazines

"Electronics in Action" was edited by Paul Freeman-Sear and published by Quantum House Publishing Ltd. The first issue was dated October 1993 and the final issue was dated July 1994. There was no mention of the publication ending in the final issue, however there was unusually no adverts for articles in the next issue.

All 10 issues are here, scanned in their entirety including adverts etc. The original magazines are now stored in the BVWS archive.

I believe Paul Freeman-Sear previously edited "ETI" and went on to edit "Electronics - The Maplin Magazine".

10 files available. Click a row in the table below to download the file. You may download up to 10 different files in a 15 minute period.

If you have anything to add please email paul (at) vintage-radio (dot) info.

TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
EIA-1993-10Electronics in Action - October 1993 pdf file icon30.2 MB
EIA-1993-11Electronics in Action - November 1993 pdf file icon30.0 MB
EIA-1993-12Electronics in Action - December 1993 pdf file icon32.2 MB
EIA-1994-01Electronics in Action - January 1994 pdf file icon31.3 MB
EIA-1994-02Electronics in Action - February 1994 pdf file icon32.2 MB
EIA-1994-03Electronics in Action - March 1994 pdf file icon30.6 MB
EIA-1994-04Electronics in Action - April 1994 pdf file icon32.5 MB
EIA-1994-05Electronics in Action - May 1994 pdf file icon32.2 MB
EIA-1994-06Electronics in Action - June 1994 pdf file icon32.7 MB
EIA-1994-07Electronics in Action - July 1994 pdf file icon33.8 MB