Vintage Radio Documents and Articles

A selection of scanned technical and historic documents and magazine articles that should be of interest to vintage radio collectors etc.

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TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
BBC - The Story of RadioGlyn Worsnip, BBC Radio Show Guidebook October 1988 pdf file icon16.4 MB
Battery EliminatorConstruction project by Ray Whitcombe, date and publication unknown pdf file icon351 KB
Care and Maintenance of AccumulatorsBroadcaster Service Man's Manual, 1937 pdf file icon156 KB
Collecting and Restoring Valve RadiosPaul Stenning. Everyday Practical Electronics Supplement, October 2002 pdf file icon10.2 MB
Colossus, The Valve Based CodebreakerNew Electronics January 2001 pdf file icon5.1 MB
Conversion 1.4v Superhet to Low Consumption ValvesJ. B. Hall, The Radio Constructor pdf file icon255 KB
Converting Battery Portables to Mains OperationMichael J. Dunn, The Radio Constructor pdf file icon1.0 MB
Economy Measures for All-dry ReceiversR. J. Caborn, Radio Constructor pdf file icon1018 KB
Maplin - The Fascination of Vintage RadioGeoff Arnold, Maplin Magazine December 1992 to March 1993 pdf file icon13.0 MB
Maplin - The Story of RadioGraham Dixey, Maplin Electronics, date unknown pdf file icon20.5 MB
Modernise That Valve PortableV, T, Rolfe, The Radio Constructor pdf file icon1.4 MB
New Life for Mains-Battery PortablesG. A. French, The Radio Constructor pdf file icon1.1 MB
Philips Fundumentals of Radio and ElectricityIncluded with X40 kit. Philips Radionic Products Ltd, 1973 pdf file icon4.9 MB
Philips X40 Radio and Electronic Kit InstructionsPhilips Radionic Products Ltd, 1973 pdf file icon56.7 MB
Philips X40A Amplifier Add-on Kit InstructionsPhilips Radionic Products Ltd, 1973 pdf file icon3.6 MB
Practical Television - CRT Tester and RejuvenatorPractical Television, December 1957. Accompanying notes by John Wakely, 2005 pdf file icon211 KB
Practical Wireless - A Simple Signal GeneratorJames Hossack, Practical Wireless, date unknown
Uses two ECC83 valves
 pdf file icon510 KB
Practical Wireless - Aligning Without InstrumentsPractical Wireless May 1959 pdf file icon500 KB
Practical Wireless - Choosing ResistorsPractical Wireless December 1959 pdf file icon610 KB
Practical Wireless - DatacardResistor and capacitor colour codes etc, May 1983 pdf file icon985 KB
Practical Wireless - Servicing 3-Valve RadiosLes Lawry-Johns, Practical Wireless, May 1976 pdf file icon865 KB
Radcom etc Technical IndexTechnical content from some magazines, mainly Radcom, up to 1991 zip file icon56 KB
Radio and Television Servicing Cumulative Index1952-1986, Radio and Television Servicing 1986 pdf file icon1.9 MB
Story of DefiantsCo-operative News July 1991 pdf file icon625 KB
The Evolution of Audio Amplifier DesignJohn Linsley-Hood, Electronics in Action February to June 1994 pdf file icon3.5 MB
The James-Baxandall Passive Tone Control NetworkWritten and supplied by Ramon Vargas-Patron pdf file icon735 KB
The Magic LampPete Roberts, Everyday Electronics September 1989 pdf file icon2.0 MB
The Mullard 5-Valve 10-Watt AmplifierAuthor and Publisher Unknown pdf file icon5.1 MB
The Superheterodyne ReceiverPost Office Telecommunications Educational Pamphlet pdf file icon5.3 MB
Trader - Fault Finding in ReceiversThe Wireless Trader September to October 1936 pdf file icon682 KB
Wireless World - 50 Years of ProgressWireless World Golden Jubilee Edition, April 1961 pdf file icon7.6 MB