Component and Servicing Data

Servicing information and component data of use to vintage technology restorers and collectors.

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TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
AM03 AM ModulatorDescription and Instructions. Made by Geoff Hopkins. pdf file icon45 KB
American MidgetsThe Wireless & Electrical Trader 1942 (Trader sheets 589 and 590) pdf file icon1.5 MB
Approved Electronic Instrument Corp A-900 ManualUHH Signal Generator Instructions and schematic pdf file icon5.4 MB
Battery Equivalents ChartNewnes Radio and Television Servicing 1959 - 1960 pdf file icon123 KB
Battery Specifications (Home Radio)Home Radio (Mitcham) Ltd. Includes HT and LT dry batteries plus transistor types etc. (poor quality scan). pdf file icon236 KB
Broadcaster - American AC-DC MidgetsRadio Marketing Service Engineer, 1941 pdf file icon297 KB
Broadcaster - Classified Valve Data ChartWireless Retailer and Broadcaster, 1937 pdf file icon1.6 MB
Broadcaster - Intermediate FrequenciesRadio Marketing Service Engineer, 1944 pdf file icon588 KB
Broadcaster - Misc Cont. and British Valve BasesWireless Retailer and Broadcaster, 1937 pdf file icon60 KB
Broadcaster - Mullard Valve Data and EquivalentsThe Broadcaster, 1934 pdf file icon150 KB
Broadcaster - Mullard Valves for Standard SetsThe Broadcaster, 1934 pdf file icon269 KB
Broadcaster - Trouble Finding ChartWireless Retailer and Broadcaster, 1937 pdf file icon157 KB
Broadcaster - Tungsram ValvesThe Broadcaster, 1934 pdf file icon175 KB
Broadcaster - US and International Valve BasesWireless Retailer and Broadcaster, 1937 pdf file icon213 KB
Broadcaster - Valve Base Connection TablesWireless Retailer and Broadcaster, 1937 pdf file icon125 KB
CES CRT & Valve Code Number Reference ListCombined Electronic Services Limited, July 1972 pdf file icon76 KB
CES Transistor & Diode Code Number Reference ListCombined Electronic Services Limited, May 1972 pdf file icon141 KB
GEC Wiring and Resistor Colour CodesGEC Service Bulletin No. 20, 1935 pdf file icon132 KB
HT90/S 90V ConverterDescription and Instructions. Made by Geoff Hopkins. pdf file icon65 KB
IF List for Amateur Radio EquipmentPat Hawker, Amateur Radio Techniques 6th Edition, 1978, RSGB pdf file icon1012 KB
IF Values for Superhet AlignmentThe Wireless & Electrical Trader 1940 (Trader sheets 453, 467 and 469) pdf file icon675 KB
Mullard - General Notes on Fault FindingMullard Wireless Service Company Ltd, 1939. pdf file icon705 KB
Mullard High Speed Valve Tester Earlier VersionCircuit and parts list. Supplied by Jon Evans. pdf file icon3.0 MB
Mullard Industrial SemiconductorsQuick Reference Guide, 1970-71 pdf file icon16.1 MB
Mullard LP1179 Series DataApril 1972 pdf file icon643 KB
Philips Dial Lamp DataBased on data from "Mario's Place", date and compiler unknown. pdf file icon64 KB
RS Pilot BulbsRadiospares, 1972, poor quality scan. pdf file icon86 KB
RS Standard Universal Output TransformerRS data sheet, poor quality scans zip file icon87 KB
Record and Yale ValvesCharacteristics and equivalents for Record and Yale valves pdf file icon1.2 MB
Replacing Tuning Indicator Y61 etc with EM34EMI Sales and Service Ltd., 1951. Covers various HMV and Marconiphone models pdf file icon198 KB
Russian Diode Part Number SystemFrom an unknown website pdf file icon36 KB
STC BrimistorsStandard Telephones and Cables Ltd., 1958. pdf file icon70 KB
Servicing the Baird Televisor (disc model)H. J. Barton Chapple A.M.I.E.E. Date and publication unknown. pdf file icon3.4 MB
UK Telephone Socket InformationOrigin and author unknown pdf file icon4.1 MB