Vintage Technology Books

Various scanned technical and historic books that should be of interest to vintage radio collectors etc.

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TitleDescriptionFile TypeSize
77 Selected CircuitsThe Wireless Constructor, early 1930s? pdf file icon3.5 MB
100 Years of Electricity SupplyBob Gordon, 1981, Milne Museum and South Eastern Electricity Board pdf file icon10.8 MB
A Beginners Guide To RadioF. J. Camm, 1956 pdf file icon29.6 MB
Babani - Modern Crystal and Transistor CircuitsB. B. Babani, Babani No. 10, 1973 pdf file icon2.4 MB
Bernards - Boys Book of Crystal SetsW. J. May, Bernards No. 126, First published 1954, Reprinted 1972 pdf file icon26.8 MB
Bernards - Communications Receivers Manual"Radiotrician", Bernards No. 66, date unknown (poor quality scan) pdf file icon1.8 MB
Bernards - Modern Radio Test Gear ConstructionBernards No. 43 pdf file icon10.0 MB
Bernards - One Valve ReceiversW. J. May, Bernards No. 99, 1952-1961 pdf file icon2.5 MB
Bernards - Practical Car Radio HandbookF. C. Palmer M.I.P.R.E. A.M.Inst.B.E., Bernards No. 191, 1964. pdf file icon3.1 MB
Bernards - Radio & Television Laboratory ManualEdwin N. Bradley, Bernards No. 78, 1950 pdf file icon10.9 MB
Bernards - Radio Experimental Circuits Manual"Radiotrician", Bernards No. 72, 1948 pdf file icon17.6 MB
Bernards - Radio Test Equipment Manual"Radiotrician", Bernards No. 73, date unknown (poor quality scan) pdf file icon1.5 MB
Bernards - Radio and Television Pocket BookCompiled by B Babini, Bernards No. 120, date unknown pdf file icon2.2 MB
Bernards - Shortwave Circuits & GearB. B. Babani, Bernards No. 215, 1975 (poor quality scan) pdf file icon4.2 MB
Bernards - Three Valve ReceiversW, J. May (Editor), Bernards No. 104, 1954-1965 pdf file icon1.3 MB
Bernards - Transistor Circuits Manual No. 4Clive Sinclair, Bernards No. 168, 1960-1967 pdf file icon1.8 MB
Bernards - Transistor Subminiature ReceiversClive Sinclair, Bernards No. 174, 1961-1970 pdf file icon36.9 MB
Bernards - Using Ex-Service Radio ApparatusDonald W. Thomasson, Bernards No. 81, 1949-1954 (poor quality scan) pdf file icon1.6 MB
Centenary of Service - A history of electricityAnthony Byers, 1981, The Electricity Council pdf file icon12.4 MB
Hacker RadioGeoffrey Dixon-Nuttall and Gordon Bussey, G D N Publications 1993 pdf file icon3.7 MB
Ladybird - Air, Wind and FlightF. E. Newing B.Sc and Richard Bowood, A Ladybird Junior Science Book, 1963 pdf file icon10.8 MB
Ladybird - How it Works: The ComputerBavid Carey, Ladybird Books, First Published 1971 pdf file icon8.4 MB
Ladybird - How it Works: The TelephoneDavid Carey, Ladybird Books, First Published 1972 pdf file icon24.4 MB
Ladybird - Levers, Pulleys and EnginesF. E. Newing B.Sc and Richard Bowood, A Ladybird Junior Science Book, 1963 pdf file icon10.7 MB
Ladybird - Light, Mirrors and LensesF. E. Newing B.Sc and Richard Bowood, A Ladybird Junior Science Book, 1962 pdf file icon11.1 MB
Ladybird - Madame CurieL. Du Garde Peach, Ladybird Books, First Published 1970 pdf file icon25.2 MB
Ladybird - Magnets, Bulbs and BatteriesF. E. Newing B.Sc and Richard Bowood, A Ladybird Junior Science Book, 1962 pdf file icon13.8 MB
Ladybird - Making a Transistor RadioG. C. Dobbs, A Ladybird How to Make It Book, 1972 pdf file icon18.7 MB
Ladybird - The Story of Nuclear PowerE. H. Childs, Ladybird Books, First Published 1972 pdf file icon23.6 MB
Newnes - More Simple Radio CircuitsEdited by A. T. Collins, Newnes, 1965 pdf file icon3.1 MB
Newnes - Radio Repair Questions and AnswersLes Lawry-Johns, Newnes Technical Books 1979 pdf file icon2.6 MB
Practical Transistor CircuitsPresented free with the April 1968 issue of Practical Electronics pdf file icon3.5 MB
Story of Pye WirelessGordon Bussey, 1981 pdf file icon16.1 MB
Television The First 50 YearsKeith Geddes & Gordon Bussey. Produced by Philips Electronics for the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. 1986 pdf file icon29.0 MB
The Cathode Ray OscilloscopeIts uses as an aid to Radio Service by W E Miller, The Wireless & Electrical Trader, February 1944 pdf file icon3.0 MB
The Post Office Tower, London40 page brochure published mid-late 1960s pdf file icon16.0 MB
Transistor Radio CircuitsPractical Wireless Handbook, Newnes, 1963. pdf file icon4.1 MB